Summer holidays in the Dolomites

welcome to Latemar

occhio delle dolomiti
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Opening Summer 2024

Obereggen – chair lift Oberholz: 8th June – 6th October

Obereggen – cable car Ochsenweide: 15th June – 15th September

Pampeago – chair lift Latemar: 2nd June – 29th September

Pampeago – chair lift Agnello: 22nd June – 22nd September (+ 28th September)

Predazzo – cable car Predazzo/Gardonè and chair lift Gardonè/Passo Feudo: 15th June – 22nd September

Welcome to the Latemar


With trekking shoes or riding mountain bikes, the Latemar massif offers great emotions and breathtaking views

It is no coincidence that it is a World Heritage Site. But you don’t need to be an athlete to walk in the mountains, just find your step. Of course, it helps a lot if in the backpack there is curiosity and the desire to enjoy fantastic scenarios. There is no other reason to get to the top! The mountain is beautiful all over and can be lived lightly, having fun. Do not you believe it? Discover the wonders of Latemar MontagnAnimata or try the paths of Latemarium. You’ll see if it’s worth it!

To discover the Latemar you can start from Predazzo, Pampeago and Obereggen. Choose the location that inspires you and find your step.

Alpine Coaster Gardonè

Alpine Coaster Gardonè is a circular circuit of approximately 1 km. 5 minutes to hold your breath and feel the air on the breathtaking bends and curves!

Latemar MontagnAnimata

The path gets lighter, thoughts begin to flow. Tales of fantastic dragons. Stories of shepherds, woodsmen and Mountain Guides. Easy paths to walk along together, with families and children. Beautiful views, games and plenty of fun with the Alpine Coaster Gardonè.


Explore the paths of the Latemarium through centuries-old woods, easy walks for children, gourmet huts and Dolomite landscapes.

Latemar Adventure

Interactive audio games hikes in the realm of adventure Latemar.ium. Various installations, booklets, maps, audio games and an app will help children aged 6 to 14 solve difficult puzzles and tasks in analog and digital formats.


Get back on the path. slow down, breathe, refocus. Mindful.Latemar is the first immersive Mindfulness trail in the Alps. Mindful.Latemar is located in Obereggen along the circular trail on the Golfrion mountain at the foot of the Dolomites at an altitude of 1872 metres.


Environmental art installations dialogue with the nature of the Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. RespirArt is the highest art park in the world. It is located in Pampeago, in Trentino, along a 3 km route, between 2000 and 2200 m., where the spaces open onto incredible panoramas and the emotions breathe.