3rd and 4th December – SKI TEST BY POOL SKI ITALIA

What is Prove Libere Tour?

  • It is the most fun of the “Playgrounds” for snow and ski enthusiasts!
  • It is the Tour where you can test all together the best ski brands on the market, on the same day, recommended by expert skiers of the individual companies.
  • It is the traveling event that brings together 25 brands in the sector, in a nutshell it is THE TOUR on the snow par excellence!
  • It is a village open to all, with music, entertainment, happy hour and gadgets …
  • It’s skiing, mountains, snow, Without Thoughts!

“Without worries” … those who do not wish to be able to live like this, as the song of a famous Disney animated film also said! Yes, without worries, in the name of fun and relaxation, away from worries and stress, in harmony with nature and together with loved ones … It is precisely on this positive concept and on this promise of happiness and carefree that the Pool Sci Italia bases its Prove Libere Tour.

The spirit that animates the Consortium is more than ever that of wanting to give an emotion on the snow to all fans of this great “white circus”, making fun as usual thanks to its Tour, but also making them reflect on some important issues too. often trivialized or neglected. Because snow is fun, it is passion, it is adrenaline, it is joy … but it is also respect for the rules, respect for the mountains, attention to detail, awareness, competence. And if the right precautions are put into practice, then yes you can live a day, a week or a season “without thoughts”!

Starting from these simple premises, the Pool Sci Italia has been developing this Concept around its traveling Tour for some years, to give even more value to an activity in the field that year after year has found more and more success and appreciation by enthusiasts.

The possibility of testing all the skis of the best brands on the market on the same day is certainly a unique opportunity of its kind, which makes the village of Prove Libere Tour a sort of amusement park for ski lovers from all over Italy: more than 500 pairs of skis available, under the guidance and technical skills of skimen who will be able to recommend the right product to each and carefully adjust the bindings in maximum safety. But everything is even more enriched by the presence of all the product categories that the Pool Sci represents and which are, as much as skiing, essential for composing the equipment of every skier.

Knowing that, as mentioned before, the mountain is respect and awareness, we want to sensitize every consumer to take a conscious attitude right from the start of his “journey on the snow”, with the choice of his equipment. A correct choice of all materials is, in fact, the basis of a day on the snow “without worries”, precisely because it limits the risks to a minimum and maximizes the possibility of fun and satisfaction. Skis, boots, bindings, sticks, helmets, masks, gloves, protections … each of these products is essential for a skier and therefore must be chosen with care and following some simple rules and good practices. And we want to help you on this journey to discover themes that are apparently already known and banal but which in reality should not be taken for granted at all. The best ski is the one best suited to the level of each of us, making sure that it is always well kept and prepared, hands must always be warm and dry thanks to special gloves, protections must be worn, especially by those who love speed, The lens of the goggle must be suitable to ensure maximum visibility, the boot must be measured correctly in order to be warm, comfortable and performing, the helmet must always be worn by everyone, the poles must be of the right type and size, the binding must be carefully adjusted by experienced people. These are the messages that are important to the Pool.

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