On this page, Obereggen Latemar SpA/AG and I.T.A.P. SpA/AG explain how they handle data for the users who visit their website and the behaviour of the cookies their site installs.

This Privacy Policy is provided in compliance with article 13 of GDPR 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, the European regulation on the protection of personal data), Recommendation no. 2/2001 by the Workgroup under article 29 and the general Act of the Garante Privacy [the Italian Data Protection Authority] on cookies no. 229 of 8 May 2014.

The following information applies only to the site; the joint controller are not responsible for any data entered or cookies installed by other sites that may be consulted using links.

Purposes of processing and the requirement to provide data

Obereggen Latemar SpA/AG and I.T.A.P. SpA/AG handle the data that the user voluntarily enters using the forms present on the site only in order to respond to your request. Any other purposes (by way of example and not comprehensively, marketing purposes or communicating your data to companies with which we have a partnership for their own marketing purposes) will be subject to an explicit and substantiated request for your specific and voluntary consent, separately from that required for answering your questions.

Your provision of data and consent to its processing are necessary to follow up on your requests; your agreement to its processing for other purposes is voluntary.

For the data acquired by our site through the installation of cookies, please refer to that specific section (‘Cookies on our site’).

Processing methods, automated decision-making processes and data storage times

Your data is processed by computer, although there may be some processing in paper form. Automated decision-making processes are not used to process your personal data.

Personal data about you, collected through the forms on our website, will be stored for the time necessary to provide a response to your requests. Where there are further regulations that impose a longer storage time, we will comply with these regulations. Data collected by cookies will be stored for the length of time established by the individual cookies.

Communication, distribution and transfer of data to third-party countries or international organisations

Your data will not be communicated nor distributed to third parties by Obereggen Latemar SpA/AG and I.T.A.P. SpA/AG without your specific and voluntary consent. Any data communicated by you will not be transferred by us to countries or international organisations outside of the EU.

Subject’s rights and complaints to Garante Privacy.

You have the right at any time to ask us for access to the data stored about you, to modify, consolidate or delete it, to limit or deny consent to its processing when there are legitimate reasons, as well as to transfer that data to another data controller. We will provide a written response within 30 days. You can at any time revoke the consent granted on this site by contacting one of the addresses indicated in the section ‘Information on the data controller and any data protection officer’. You can also submit a complaint to the national controlling authority if you believe that your data has been processed unlawfully.

Information on the data controller.

The joint controllers are Obereggen Latemar SpA/AG and I.T.A.P. SpA/AG, with legal offices at Obereggen 16, 39050 Nova Ponente (BZ) and Loc. Pampeago 9, 38038 Tesero (TN). To exercise your rights under the regulations and further specified above, you can contact the data controller at his/her office or by calling 0462 502929 or sending an email to


Navigation data

This website implicitly acquires, using Internet communications protocols, for and in the course of its normal operations, some personal data on the users who access the site, like IP address, domain names of the computers used for access, MAC addresses assigned by network and wireless card manufacturers, etc.

This information is not collected for the purpose of identifying users, but this could be done by associations and processing, including cross-referencing with third-party data; statistical information is obtained from this data on site usage and operations and further information in cases of establishing responsibility related to computer crimes.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings that the websites visited by a user install on the user’s terminal; these strings are then re-transmitted to the site that installed them upon further visits by the user. When the user also receives cookies sent by other sites or web servers during site navigation, those cookies are called third-party cookies.

Cookies are installed for various purposes, possibly including the performance of computer authentications, navigation session monitoring, and language choice.

First-party cookies and third-party cookies

The cookies that are installed directly by Obereggen Latemar SpA/AG and I.T.A.P. SpA/AG are called ‘First-party cookies’, and the cookies that are installed and acquired by a site other than the one the user is navigating are called ‘Third-party cookies’.

Third-party cookies may include social media buttons (or social media plug-ins), which allow the site to interact with the most popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., or Google Analytics cookies, which are necessary to implement YouTube iframes, etc. As regards third-party cookies, it is the responsibility of the third parties installing those cookies to provide statements and information on the handling of the data collected.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies

These are normally installed directly by the site administrators and are cookies that allow communications between the site and the user. They can be navigation cookies or session cookies, used to ensure normal navigation and use of the site and normally persisting for as long the site is being navigated, or functional cookies, which allow better use of the site, like cookies related to the choice of language used on the site, adding selected items to an online shopping cart, etc.

As these cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site, it is not necessary to obtain prior consent for their installation on the user’s terminal.

Analytical cookies

These are cookies that allow the collection of user information, for example, the number of users who visit the site and how they visit the site, in a more or less aggregated form. One of the best-known tools for obtaining such statistical reports is Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc.

Analytical cookies are similar to technical cookies when the information collected is in aggregate form and it is not possible to identify the habits of an individual user; regarding Google Analytics cookies specifically, it will be necessary to anonymise, at least partially, the IP address of the user who visits the site and to prevent data being shared with Google. When this anonymization and prevention of sharing is not possible, these cookies fall under the category of profiling cookies.

Profiling cookies

These are used to track a user’s preference and offer him/her advertising messages based on those preferences. These cookies are especially invasive, and it is necessary to obtain the user’s consent before installing them on the user’s terminal.

First access banner

In the event cookies other than technical cookies are used, the Act of 8 May 2014 by the Garante Privacy requires the site to provide a banner when a user first accesses the site (called a short notice) that summarises information on the processing methods the site uses for cookies, with a reference to its full privacy policy.

Obereggen Latemar SpA/AG and I.T.A.P. SpA/AG have provided this banner: by clicking on any point other than the banner itself, the user accepts the installation of cookies and decides to continue using the site. It has also provided a specific cookie that records the user’s choice regarding cookie installation for 365 days; this means that the user will see the cookie only one time, and if he/she should later wish to change the choice made, he/she can do this by following the instructions under the section ‘Procedures for disabling cookies’.

List of cookies installed by Obereggen Latemar SpA/AG and I.T.A.P. SpA/AG

Our website installs the following cookies:

cookie path Length of time kept Function
1P_JAR Google 29 days It stores the preferences and information of each page that visits web pages containing Google Maps geographic maps
ASPSESSIONIDAWSTBRQS session Contain the information that is used in your current browser session. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser
CONSENT Google 20 years Used for the consent of Google services
DV Google 1 hour Used by Google to store visitor preferences and other information
IDE 383 days These are advertising cookies used to improve advertising. Usually used to direct advertising based on content relevant to a user, improve the performance reports of the campaign and avoid showing advertisements that the user has already seen
NID Google 6 months Used by Google to store visitor preferences and other information
_ga Google Analytics 2 years These cookies are used to limit the request rate and to distinguish unique users by assigning to each a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in every page request in a site and is used to calculate visitor data, sessions and campaigns for site analysis reports.
_gat_UA-27461687-1 Google Analytics 10 minutes These cookies are used to limit the request rate and to distinguish unique users by assigning to each a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in every page request in a site and is used to calculate visitor data, sessions and campaigns for site analysis reports.
_gid Google Analytics 1 day statistical analysis (using the Google Analytics service)
_iub_cs-[cookiePolicyId] Iubenda 1 year allows viewing the privacy policy and registering consent using Iubenda script
dadaproaffinity session IIS server that hosts the site needed to direct a session to the correct server
vuid 2 years These cookies are used by Vimeo to collect information for tracking analytical information.
TDCPM 1 year Contains data that indicates if a cookie ID is synchronized with our partners. ID synchronization allows our partners to use their data outside of our trading platform
TDID 1 year Contains a single randomly generated value that allows the platform to distinguish between browsers and devices. It is compared with information – such as segments of advertising interest and ad stories shown in the browser or device – provided by customers or third parties and stored on the platform
_fbp 2 hours Unclassified cookies are being classified, together with individual cookie providers.

Unclassified cookies are being classified, together with individual cookie providers.

datr facebook 2 years The datr cookie is used by facebook to check if the user accesses facebook from different devices.
fr facebook 3 months saves the browser id and an encrypted version of the Facebook identity of the logged in user
reg_fb_gate, reg_fb_ref facebook session reg_fb_gate cookie: contains the first page of Facebook that the web browser has visited. reg_fb_ref cookie: contains the last page of Facebook that the web browser has visited.
Sb facebook 2 years They allow you to control the “Follow us on Facebook” and “Like” buttons, collect the language settings and let you share the page
wd facebook 7 days They allow you to control the “Follow us on Facebook” and “Like” buttons, collect the language settings and let you share the page
_pc_ses, _pc_tgl, _pc_vis Non classified
__cfduid 1 year It is used to replace any security restrictions based on the guest visitor’s IP address. It is strictly necessary for site security operations and should not be deactivated

Procedures for disabling cookies

Links to the privacy policies of the third parties that install cookies