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RespirArt White Gallery

Skiing, a slope with an artistic touch

In Val di Fiemme, in the Ski Center Latemar, the Agnello slope passes through one of the highest art parks in the world: RespirArt

In the Ski Center Latemar, the Agnello slope of Pampeago encourages people to try an amusing photo ski-safari among 16 art installations which can be seen also from the Agnello chairlift (11 of them can be seen only during summer time). You will be able to ski among art pieces framing the dolomitic Latemar chain.


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Along the Agnello run, you can ski through masterpieces facing the Latemar, the famous Dolomites group. As you ski on the slope, you can meet a mythological horse, a star, a huge frame, a big eye, a Dolomites guardian, a monster granite carabiner, a group of hanging chairs, a theater, a couple of design seats to channel the mountains energy and a large head to point the Latemar peaks.

The most recent installation (born in the summer of 2019) is an artwork dedicated to the forests. Terrae, a group of local artists who creates it, wanted to symbolize two forces of nature, the destructive and the rebirth one. “October 29, 2018” is the title to evoke the Vaia storm that knocked down several patches of forest in North East Italy and also in Fiemme Valley. The artists recreated the wind’s results, collecting nearby and assembling lot of broken woods. This work is located in front of the mythological horse, Sleipnir 47, made by the Italian-Swedish artist Duilio Forte, not far from the Chalet Caserina.

RespirArt is one of the highest art parks in the world. It is located between 2.000 and 2.200 meters a.s.l. in Pampeago. Since 2011, these art installations have been interacting with the Dolomites peaks of the Latemar, a World Heritage amazing landscape.

Year by year, new installations use to be added during the international RespirArt landart event. Meanwhile the older ones are modeled by atmospheric agents or are swept away by great snowfalls.

The act of “letting the artworks go” back to the nature invites us to rely on changes and, therefore, on life itself that is a never-ending transformation. The atmospheric agents do not ruin the artworks. They rather complete them, shaping them and changing the colors. RespirArt invites you to relax in the continuous changing of the nature. Its works allow us to rediscover the sense of wonder, feeling what’s new as a chance.


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