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RespirArt White Gallery

18 art works to admire on your skis!
The Agnello ski slope in Pampeago, in the heart of the Latemar Ski Center circuit, runs through one of the highest art parks in the world: RespirArt


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Have you ever visited a museum on your skis? In Val di Fiemme, on the Trentino Dolomites, you can. In the Latemar Ski Center, the Agnello slope in Pampeago and its variant run through the RespirArt Art Park, one of the highest in the world. From 2,200 to 2,000 metres of altitude, between the Monte Agnello mountain lodge and Chalet Caserina, there are 18 art works. Some of them can be seen also from the Agnello chairlift. RespirArt is an open-air museum, inspired by the Latemar peaks in the Dolomites – a place of unparalleled beauty and a Umans’ World Heritage Site.

At the edge of the slope, you’ll see surprising creations: a mythological horse, an encircled star, a frame, a teared up eye, a peace guardian, a granite snap-hook, a group of suspended chairs, large water droplets, a theatre that follows the Dolomites profiles, two energy-channelling cones and a large head framing the Latemar. In the 2020-21 winter season, you’ll see two new installations created in the summer 2020 for the RespirArt Environmental Art Exhibit.

Just off the Agnello chairlift, you’ll see the “Reggia Barbarica” masterpiece, created by Patrizia Giambi in the summer of 2020, with leftover wood and hand-crafted felt. Inside, the small and seemingly poor structure, envelops the visitors in a warm hug, thanks to pregnant figures emerging from the felt walls. If you choose the Agnello slope variant, on the right, you’ll see the “Punto & Virgole” installation by Gabriele Meneguzzi and Vincenzo Sponga. The curious “punctuation”, arranged on the snow, invites the visitors to observe the rhythm of nature and its pauses. On the edge of the slope, three iron and copper commas and a wooden dot stand out.

New installations are added every year, and the older ones are shaped by weather. Currently, the Val di Fiemme Art Park comprises 29 installations, of which 11 can be admired only in the summer.

Among the internationally renowned artists who created a work of art in the sight of the Latemar, there is also the great master Hidetoshi Nagasawa.


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