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Safety on the slopes

General safety rules



Law no. 363/2003 Provincial Law no.7 of 21st April 1987 and subsequent changes (Autonomous Province of Trento). §Alpine skiing and snowboarding are two of the most exciting and rewarding sports in the world. To enjoy your time on the pistes, just follow these simple rules. Do not attempt to ski or snowboard under the influence of alcohol. Within marked runs prepared specifically for skiing and snowboarding, you are required to comply with the following rules:

General conduct

Show respect towards others and towards yourself. Do not put your life, or that of others, at risk. You should ski and/or snowboard considering your technical and physical capabilities, as well as the weather and piste conditions. Do not attempt to ski or snowboard under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Adapt the manner and speed of your skiing to your ability and to the general conditions on the mountain, especially where visibility is poor, or when you are approaching a tight bend or dangerous crossing, or even when you are tired;Provide your personal details whenever requested to do so by security personnel, especially if you have been involved in or were witness to an accident. Our staff is constantly working for your safety;Skiing off-piste is forbidden.

Choice of route

Leave plenty of space when overtaking a slower skier/snowboarder. Always select a route that does not interfere with that of skiers/boarders in front of you.


Leave plenty of space when overtaking a slower skier/snowboarder and make sure there is sufficient visibility. You may overtake other skiers/snowboarders where it is safe to do so (upper and lower sections of the run, left or right). Do not endanger the skiers/snowboarders you are overtaking;


If the piste you are skiing on crosses another piste, give priority to those skiing from the right or follow instructions provided by signs;Priority is to be given to all service and maintenance vehicles operating on the pistes;

Stopping on the piste

To avoid unnecessary danger, do not stop in narrow places or where it is difficult to be seen from above. If you fall or are involved in an accident, move to the side of the piste as quickly as possible;

Obligation to provide help

In case of accidents you are required to provide help and alert the rescue service as soon as possible;


It is forbidden to walk on pistes. It is also forbidden to climb up a piste wearing skis if you see warning signs at the side of the piste. If there are no signs to this effect, keep to the side of the piste without causing danger to yourself and others;


Children from the age of 14 or under must wear a suitable helmet. This obligation also applies to anyone skiing on training pistes. You are strongly advised to wear a helmet when using areas reserved for acrobatic turns. Trainers are exempted.

Equipment preventing mid-run ski detachment

To avoid causing danger to others, always use skis, snowboards or similar equipment fitted with safety mechanisms preventing any mid-run ski detachment;

Removing Equipment from Piste

If you decide to stop along the piste, do not place your skis, snowboard, sticks, as well as any other equipment, on the marked run. This will avoid causing any unnecessary danger to others.

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