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Art Park RespirArt Pampeago


RespirArt is one of the highest art parks in the world. It lies from 2.000 to 2.200 meters above the sea level in Pampeago, in Val di Fiemme, among the Dolomites of Trentino.


Born from an idea of Beatrice Calamari, journalist and curator, and Marco Nones, artist, (2015 Expo award “Fondazione Triulza” and “Arte in Cascina”), in this 3-kilometre round route the visitor can discover several art installations. The masterpieces are created by internationally famous artists and perfectly embrace the philosophy of the dolomitic atmosphere of Latemar, a Unesco’s World Heritage Site.

The contemporary art installations are made of natural materials such as wood and stones. Some of them can be seen in the wintertime too, from the ski slope Agnello of the Ski Center Latemar.

THE PHILOSPHY: The creative mood of “letting masterpieces go” into nature is an invitation to trust the changes and to never-ending transforming life. The weather conditions do not ruin these pieces of art, but complete them, shaping them and turning their colours into some new nuances. RespirArt leads you to RELAX IN THE NONSTOP CHANGING of nature. Its masterpieces make people re-discover the sense of wonder and catch the NEW as one-off opportunity.

They love nature so much that they try to equal its beauty.
They love nature so much that they create artistic dialogues with it.
They love nature so much that they let it decide how long will their art pieces last.

They are the artists that every summer create masterpieces in the art park Respirart of Pampeago, in Val di Fiemme, among the Dolomites of the Trentino region. The 11th land art event Respirart will see the famous Swedish artist Hannah Streefkerk reproducing lichens on trees and rocks, imitating even their smallest nuances through the traditional work of embroidery. Exploring nature fragility, Hannah sews trees bark, patches holes on leaves and creates protective shells for rocks, entrusting her creations to the erosion and natural processes of time.

On Saturday 27 July at 9.30 a.m., the touring party at the highest art park in the world will also reveal the new installations created by the group of artists TerraE from the Trentino region and the students of the art academies of Cracow and Venice.
The RespirArt Day 2019 will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dolomites World Heritage status. The event will focus on the natural beauty of the Latemar group overlooking the art park. Welcoming the artists, guests and visitors will be Maria Concetta Mattei, journalist and famous newscaster of Tg2, fond of art and Val di Fiemme nature. Together with her we will discover that RespirArt pieces are entrusted to nature: sun, wind, rain and snow will change their colours and shapes.
Some installations will shortly go back to earth, while others will endure the high-altitude bad weather for several years. Visitors will get the chance to feel the emotions originated in mankind by natural elements and meditate on the human instinct of opposing changes.

ARTISTIC EXCURSION The art park RespirArt, curated by Marco Nones and Beatrice Calamari, is visited by artists from all over the world. Here, even the Japanese performer Hidetoshi Nagasawa, who passed away in 2018, created his installation using local rocks. Every summer the park hosts both artists from the Trentino region and academic students.
The park is situated between 2.000 and 2.200 meters. It can be reached with a 30 minute walk, following the path that starts from the parking of the chairlift Tresca in Pampeago (Val di Fiemme - Trentino) or, more easily, just taking the chairlift Agnello. Along the round route of 3 km, enjoy these masterpieces, relax, breathe and walk slowly. In the park there are also two mountain huts: Chalet Baita Caserina at 2.000 m (recently renovated with even a Jacuzzi on its terrace) and Rifugio Monte Agnello at 2.200 m with an amazing view on the Dolomites.

BOOKING: The excursion of the RespirArt Day is free of charge, with compulsory booking calling +39 335 1001938 or writing to INFO: Ph +39 0462.813265

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