Ski Center Latemar

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Thursday 11th July and 29th August 2019

Meet up at 10.45 at the top station of the Predazzo-Gardoné cable car.


Latemar Predazzo
Tel 0462/502929
FB Latemar Montagnanimata

11th July - SPEAK, RODRIGO!

Rodrigo lives in a village in the Wild West and has a character trait that makes him very unusual: he's terribly boring. So boring that his schoolmates make use of him to put the teacher to sleep. Mum and Dad avoid asking him how it all went at school. Is this a good thing? The only one who seems to listen to him seriously is his grandmother, who is as deaf as a post.


Big trouble for Bruno! While making a puppet out of mud, he fell and hurt himself and had to hurry off to hospital. Fortunately they are all very nice there and there are even clown doctors who get the children to play. The most incredible thing is that there is a department for invisible friends, so his trusty pig Giovanni can be near him and keep the monsters of the dark at bay.

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