Ski Center Latemar

RespirArt White Gallery

Skiing, a slope with an artistic touch

In Val di Fiemme, in the Latemar Ski Center, the Agnello ski slope passes through one of the highest art parks in the world: RespirArt

In the Latemar Ski Center, the Agnello slope of Pampeago encourages people to try an amusing photo ski-safari among 14 art installations which can be seen also from the Agnello chairlift (8 of them can be seen only during summer time). You will be able to ski among art pieces framing the dolomitic Latemar chain. The new installations created in July by the artists of the 10th Art Event in Nature RespirArt are “Sleipnir”, an 8-leg mythological horse by the Italian-Swedish architect and artist Duilio Forte (right before the Caserina Chalet), “The witch’s knot” a magic installation by the artist from Milan and Val di Fiemme Mariano Vasselai (near Rifugio Agnello), and “Mediterranean”, a shepherd talking to his animal by the artist Elio Vanzo from Cavalese (near Rifugio Agnello).
The Park is continuously evolving. Every year, new installations join the old ones which let the climate mould them freely, sometimes devastated by heavy snowfalls.
RespirArt is one of the highest art parks in the world. It is situated between 2.000 and 2.200 meters in Pampeago. Conceived in 2011 by the journalist and art curator Beatrice Calamari and the artist Marco Nones (winner of the “Expo 2015 Fondazione Triulza” award), this park is an exhibition of art installations located in the meadows and pastures in the dolomitic peaks of Latemar, declared by UNESCO a Natural World Heritage Site.
The gesture of “letting go” these art pieces in nature suggests to entrust changes, and therefore, life itself which is continuously transforming.
Atmospheric agents do not ruin the installations, quite the contrary: they complete them, shaping them and changing their colors. RespirArt invites you to relax in the ever-changing nature. Among the worldwide-known artists who have created an art piece in front of Latemar, the Japanese elite artist Hidetoshi Nagasawa.